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7th May 2004.

I've become a mirror for GLIntercept.  New mirror is here;


18th September 2003.

I got an email today from Ken Schwarz about some screensavers he made. You can get them from I was very chuffed to see my name on his site as reference. :)

Not much else to say really.. You might've noticed I'm working on a multiplayer chess game, if you're read the forum recently. Hopefully that will be released very soon.

Thats all for now.


1st April 2003.

Bit a long time with no updates eh?! Work is busy, thats all I can say. Hopefully the current project will be finished by the summer, so I should have a nice relaxing time by then. Hopefully get back upto speed with some new demos and things.

In the meantime a forum user was needing some help getting tangent space bumpmapping working in Cg, so I knocked up a quick example. Here it is Requires Helios Lib for recompiling. Uses ARB_VP and NV20 FP profiles.

NuttyLib is going good. If I just had more time to work on it, it would probably be release worthy in a week or so. Should make alot of things alot easier.

Back to the grind..... :)


24th November 2002.

Currently working on a new library to replace HeliosLib. The new library will be completely abstracted, and referenced through a pure virtual interface. Adding to that will be camera systems, pbuffer systems, and much more. Should be good.


9th November 2002.

1 small upload today. A very simple demo showing the basics of ARB VERTEX PROGRAM. The demo is in the extensions section. Full ARB VP header and source file included, which are most definitly more worthwhile than the demo itself. I strive for ultra simplicity in my demos of course. :)


1st October 2002.

Cor how time flies eh? Well hopefully things will start changing round here. Got to try and make more effort into maintaining this site.

1st up, I'll be hosting DevIL image library zips, as required by my library. I'm also putting the required dll's into the zips, so you shouldn't get any missing dll errors when trying to run the demos.

Forum is gaining momentum. More and more ppl are stopping by, although it mainly me answering questions. Even if you have nothing to ask, drop in and see if theres anything you can help with. You never know you might learn something new! :)

New Demos will be appearing soon, I promise. It's just a matter of finding the time to get them done. Linux GL is on hold, until I get more time.

More news soon.



28th July 2002.

Hi folks. I have several things in the pipeline at the mo. It's just finding the time to sort them out. A shadow demo is on the cards soon, as well as a new extension to the site. Linux OpenGL. Currently have Mandrake 8.2 just installed, and am slowly making the transition to Linux. I'll still keep windows for games, and doing win32 stuff. I plan on making HeliosLib work on both win32 and linux platforms, so the demo code will compile to either, with no changes.

NV30 is just a few months away. Big changes to current architecture with that. Especially the lovely 128bit color precision, and flow control in Vertex Programs. Also we'll soon have ARB_Vertex_Program with OpenGL 1.4. I'll try and do some stuff for that as well.

The forums are going well. We have some regular users now. New mods will be added to the system at some point.

Thats all for now. Happy coding! :)


24th June 2002.

Just got my brand new forum working. It's very generic looking, and not much stuff has been setup yet, but it works. Alot of you might even recognise the system I'm using. It's at


Got a few ppl registered on the forums, although no discussions yet. If you have any problems with OpenGL, drop in and see if we can't solve them there. Hope to see some of you ppl there in future.


23rd June 2002.

All my demos should be available again now. Most have been converted to work with the latest version of HeliosLib. And alot of textures have been converted to JPG's to reduce bandwidth on the site. I'm currently in the middle of sorting out some new stuff, which will hopefully be available soon.


22nd June 2002.

Having a few teething troubles getting my sub-domain links working. Should be sorted soon.


20th June 2002.

If you can see this, you're reading my site on the new host.

Not all my demo's have been uploaded, as I'm in the process of converting them to work with new imaging routines. I'll also convert all the remaining glut stuff to use HeliosLib. Remember also, that all demos will be using DevIL image library for images, so you need to have that installed.


19th June 2002.

I'm still here. Very busy at work. Although I have some new stuff in the pipeline. 1st and foremost I will be moving my site to a new host soon. Will be getting tons of cool new features, like no banners, loads more space, and sub-domains. Only catch is the site bandwidth is rather restrictive, and as I'm brassic all the time I can't afford to shell out for loads of bandwidth.

Due to this, I'm making some changes to my demo's to replace all the memory hungry TGA's with JPEG's. I'll be using DEVIL image library, so to run you'll need the user .dll's installed, and to re-compile you'll need the libs installed. Images will be wrapped under HeliosLib.

Once all my demo's are re-made, and the new version of HeliosLib is up, I'll start the transfere to a new site. And hopefully the site will migrate to Theres nothing there yet, so hold ya horses!!

I've been looking at GL4Java. I'm seriously thinking about converting my ancient Nutty image to a real-time version!! :)

In a few weeks, I'll be moving offices at work. We're moving into some swank new ones on the water front in Gunwharf Quays.

I've also been looking at nvidia's Cg HLSL, in my very limited free time. I think it's a great step forward, as using texture shaders isn't the easiest thing in the world. Expect some Cg demo's to appear in future. Probably once the NV20 fragment profile is released.

Thats all folks! :)


1st June 2002.

Well, how about those Doom3 shots eh? I can't wait for that game to come out. Not much happening here tho. Got a lovely 4 day weekend holiday, so I might try and knock up a quick demo. I had some requests for more Helios lib examples. Might try and sort that out a bit more, and make it semi-decent. :)


20th April 2002.

Uploaded my library, so that ppl will be able to re-compile my glare demo at will. New version is 1.2.7.


Just uploaded my demo, it's in the Effects section. Hope ya like it. :) Doesn't look like the shot below at all, and requires Geforce series card to work.


16th April 2002.

Finally got my GF4, and I'm working on some stuff in the my very limited spare time. Heres a quick picy of some cool funky post-processing effects demo coming up this weekend. As ever full-source included. Likely to use a new version of HeliosLib, that will be updated also.

Phwooar! Tasty!!


16th March 2002.

I'm still here.. :) I've just ordered one of these baby's. As soon as it arrives, I'll be doing some more demos.


17th February 2002.

Updated the Helios Test project to work correctly with the latest version of Helios Lib.

Been playing Command & Conquer : Renegade a fair bit over the last few days.. Really cool game.. check it out!

My CPU temps had been creeping up recently to the mid 50's.. I washed my heatsink today (what an exciting life eh! :) ), and re-applied fresh thermal paste, and it brought the temp down 6 degrees.. not bad, for just a quick clean... anyway.. back to blasting those pesky NOD soldiers!!


14th February 2002.

I've uploaded a new version of Helios Lib. You can read whats changed in the revision history. While I was at it, I am currently going through all my demos that use Helios Lib, and updating where necessary to make sure they are fully compatible.

Now that I have broadband at home, I was wanting to setup my pc as an ftp server, so that I could access it from work. Whats more, I wanted to leave my pc in standby mode, and wake it up remotely. However, I get getting the blue screen of death with some text saying one of my nvidia drivers was crashing, on entering standby. So I installed the latest set of WHQL certifed ones I could find,(21.??) but they totally shafted up my caustics demo something chronic! I am currently using a GF2 MX that I picked up dirt cheap, so I'm not sure if it applied to GF3's as well. If it looks pants on your computer, and you're using drivers older than 23.11, chances are it's a driver thing.

I've also included all the texture, and ship data into the src file for the caustics demo.

New stuff is on the horizon, but I'm extremly busy at work, and will probably be waiting for my GF4, before I release any new stuff.

Happy coding :)


7th February 2002.

What about that Geforce 4 bit of kit eh?! I've already sold my GF3 before they slump in price, just waiting for some suppliers to get some GF4 TI's in stock, and I'll have one faster than a GF4 could do a dot product! Gaming is soo gonna rule with that card.

Anyway until I get my new card, I wont be able to do any more demos, or help support ppl in any Geforce coding goodness. I Am currently running on an old Intel I740 *shudder*.. what even worse is it'll only run if I turn all hardware acceleration off, else it crashes my machine... bah... hurry up GF4's!


21st January 2002.

I've uploaded a new version of the bump mapping demo. One of the source files was still including glut.h, and using a glut function. God knows how it worked, cos I wasn't linking with glut at all... ah well..


20th January 2002.

I've uploaded a new demo. Per pixel diffuse tangent space bump-mapping. If you've ever been confused about your tangents, binormals and the whole tangent / texture space idea, then you definiately want to read the source to this one. Now that I've sussed tangent space, I shall be doing some more bumpy goodness in the next few weeks.

The demo is in the nvidia section. I may do a DOT3 extension implementation at some point.


18th January 2002.

My good friend Bruno is working on a cool FPS. HE even has multiplayer network code in already. His website is:

I have uploaded a few of my unreleased demos. See the link at the bottom of the opengl examples page.. The demos are, per pixel Blinn phong, with full renormalization, detail textures, and a dot3 bump mapping demo with Texture Env Combine 4, to produce a kindof per pixel look.


11th January 2002.

Romka Graphics has posted more of my demos.


7th January 2002.

Romka Graphics has posted two more of my demos. Real time dynamic cubemapping, and the CVA demo. They've been on my site for like half a year, so I dont know why he doesn't just post a link to my site... oh well.

Some new additions to NuttyLib. Current version 1.2.4

Marcin Kudzia has kindly converted my CVA demo to Linux using SDL lib. I'll upload it onto here sometime this week. I'll have to take his word for it, that it works, as I am unable to test it.

My counter at the bottom has hit 10,000!


3rd January 2002.

Fixed 2 bugs in NuttyLib. Now used function DescribePixelFormat to make sure the requested window mode is correctly opened, and now doesn't ignore the stencil size field.

Oh yeah, if you notice that the size has suddenly jumped up loads, thats because theres a load of new functionality in there that hasn't been exposed yet.


1st January 2002.


May 2002 bring peace, prosperity, beer, women, and more finger lickin' OpenGL tasty goodness!


27th December 2001.

Hope you all had a top festive holiday!!

I've added a links Page to the left there. I dont want it to get too crowded, it will just be a list of a few pages, that derserve listing in my opinion.

Currently adding new stuff to my library. Compressible streams, using Zlib are being implemented at the moment. A C++ wrapper for C++ file streams has also been implemented. Next will be a vector and matrix library. I recently got hold of an AMD toolkit, that has loads of cool vector and matrix stuff in using 3dnow. The maths library will autodetect the cpu it's being run on, and use the appropriate enhanced CPU instructions. I'll also make it extensible, so that P4 owners can link their own SSE routines into the library.

Once this is done, a new demo will be worked on. I have a few ideas, knocking about at the mo, and I'm currently working on a max-exporter to provide much better texture layered models in my demos.

Happy codin'! :)


9th December: Supplemental

Uploaded the source and binary zips for my demo. Still not as many things in as I would've liked, but if I wait until I'm totally happy with it, then it would never get uploaded. I have some busy days ahead of me at work, with some deadlines coming up, so it's a case of now or never basically.

I'd be greatful for anyone who downloads it to drop me an email, stating what frame rate they get, and on what hardware it was run. The demo should work on all Geforce hardware.

The demo is in my new Demos and Effects section under the OpenGL Examples link on the left. Enjoy..


9th December 2001.

Sorry for the delay folks. New version of NuttyLib uploaded. My little demo that I will hopefully upload tonight is a great example of how to use the new functionality. Currently just tidying some things up, tweaking and adding a few new little bits.

I really want to get this thing out there, so the code may be not as finished I would like. Features still incomplete, and the main sub is still completely missing a base texture. :( This will be rectifed hopefully by next weekend, when I will upload a much better version, hopefully with sound and music too.

Just noticed that my little web counter at the bottom of the page has gone passed 8 thousand.. I know it's a pitiful number, but still nice to see people visit. From my web logs however, it seems alot of sites have linked to other pages of my site and not this main one, so I may rename all subfiles at some point, just to throw them off the scent.. :)


2nd December 2001.

Due to time constraints and stuff, it looks like I'll have to delay my underwater demo. Hopefully it should be up mid week at the latest. I could very well upload it now, but I want to add a few more features to make it more worthwhile.

This has nothing to do with me buying Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and squandering all my time on that...! :)

I just got the particle system implemented today. And am currently looking at some lighting effects, and tidying the code up.