This is my demos and effects section.

This demo started out as a little test of a caustic animation I had on my hard drive for years.. Features pretty much everything. Multiple vertex programs, register combiners, soft edged projective shadows, physics, particles, multitexturing, dynamic textures.

Should work on all Geforce hardware. As it never used more than 2 textures in a single pass.

This demo does a full screen post process glare addition. It calculates over-bright areas of the scene, by calculating which fragments go over 1.0f in intensity, and does a repetitive scaling and jittering on the scene as a series of textures, to get the blur. It then re-renders the scene. (Future optimization to remove 2nd render) and adds on the blur over the top. So when the Ambient+diffuse+specular levels of a particular fragment exceeds 1.0f, it contributes to a glare blur over that part of the image.

All in real-time, I get well over 140fps on a GF4. It does use a fair bit of fill-rate. Press H to show tweakable things to improve speed..

Enjoy. Click image to download.