EXTENSION SECTION! This is where things start to get interesting, as new and better extensions are constantly evolving, expect to see quite alot of demos posted here, with frequent revisions.

This shows how to use COMPILED VERTEX ARRAYS (CVA's). Using the Lock and Unlock functions, we can tell OpenGL that the vertices will not be modified, so it can cache the transformed vertices from the last pass, in multi pass rendering.

Uses a nice trick to depth sort the transparent object.

Uses Glut.

This shows how to use S3 Texture Compression in OpenGL. Cycles through various compressions modes to see the effect on color and alpha channels.

This demos shows one way to create specular effects. It uses multi-texturing, to multiply on a texture to the material color, then the 2nd texture unit does an additive blend with the highlight texture using sphere mapping.

Requires any gfx card with 2 texture units.

This demo shows how to do dynamic cube mapping. That is regenerate the cube map everyframe! Uses SGIS_generate_mipmap extensions also, so that all mipmap levels are updated automatically via hardware acceleration, when the texture is updated.

SGIS_generate_mipmap extension requires pretty new detonator drivers on the Geforce cards. I used 11.01 and it worked fine.

Any questions about this source code, then mail me! :)


An Extremly simple ARB VERTEX PROGRAM demo. Basically just the extreme basics of getting an ARB vertex program working.

Contains full source, and ARB Vertex Program header and source file. Including all tokens and functions.