Helios Library

Version History



Added C_Image class for loading images. This is used in the Texture class, so texture loads require the EXTENSION from now on. Uses DevIL for image loading, so pretty much any image is supported.

Few other tweaks n stuff



1st draft of C_Vector3 class. Standard functions and overloaded operators for a 3 float component vector class.

Added a callback to the Helios Core, that allows a callback to be called, when the window is resized.

New Flag in S_HeliosWindowStruct, allows fixed size windows.

New GetKey functionality. 2 New functions allow you to check for the depression, and release of a key.

New Function in Helios Core, IsAppActive, returns false, when focus is lost, and minimized. Can be used to toggle update and rendering.



Texture Loading now returns a bool if it fails.

Texture Instantiate now returns a bool if it fails.

Texture Instantiate now uses the Temp memory feature of Helios' Internal Heap. (The one you tell how much memory to use at startup). If you try and instantiate a texture of 2 meg, then their must be enough space in the Heap to do so, else you'll get false returned.

Texture internal format now defaults to GL_RGB8 if you pass over an unsupported value.

Texture target now default to GL_TEXTURE_2D if you pass over an unsupported value.



Renamed a few of the window info fields. Added Destination alpha support. Released init early draft of Stream class. Very basic file functionality provided, with indirection operators, for all default types.



Added function "DescribePixelFormat" into the core window creation code. This should prevent any discrepancies in the requested widow mode, and the actual window mode created.

Fixed Stencil request size bug. Previously ignored Stencil size field of the window init structure.



2nd release. Contains alot more handy functions in core, and a texture lib. Texture library currently only support 1D, 2D, and Cubemap textures, of internal formats of GL_RGB, and GL_RGBA.

Crude "Game Mouse" system built in. Selecting game mouse, hides mouse cursor, and allows mouse positions to be read back. Also configurable is the mouse speed.

Texture system allows updating of backbuffer via implicit Update function, and update via any system memory block. Loading from TGA files also supported, and binding to any texture unit. (Using standard ARB notation. eg. GL_TEXTURE0_ARB)



Initial release. Contains simple setup, shutdown code, and ability for 1 opengl window.